I have high arches and use orthotics for daily shoes. I tried many different orthotics and insoles for skates, but none worked well. My coworker,  a figure skating coach, suggested I get SK8INSOLL. Since then my back pain and foot cramps went away even after teaching for 4 to 5 hours on the ice.  

ーS.D.(Canada/ Skating Coach)


I have been a big jumper in figure skating from age 7. Judges and coaches have told me I am a very talented skater. It was not difficult for me to land all clean jumps up to double axel, but after starting to practice triples, I've developed constant knee pain. I have not been able to get good results in competition ever since. I found SK8INSOLL in SNS, finally visited Ryoko in Oberstdorf, Germany to make full custom SK8INSOLL, and also took the foot alignment program. Before she made insoles she did artificial intelligence posture and gait analysis tests as well as visual evaluation of my skating movements. I learned that my jump height was limited by incorrect hip bend and over use of quad muscles. This over-demanding quad muscle jump style was also high stress for my knee caps and IT bands.  Since then I began to change my jumping style to use ankle, knee, and hip in a more balanced way as Gary taught me in the on-ice foot alignment lessons.  I wish somebody had advised me that my ankle stiffness came from pronation of my feet. If only I had used SK8INSOLL in the earlier stages before I got knee pain! Ryoko fit my off-ice shoes and I also found I was wearing 3 sizes bigger than I was supposed to.  Because of my high arch, feet pronate when I stand up, and foot length changes more than 3 cm. With insoles in my shoes and sneakers I could get 3 sizes smaller. Now my high arch is improving, and I don't have pain in long distance running either. Currently my triple lutz is consistent enough to put in my short program.  I think I can make really good progress this season and I hope I can go to the World Championships soon.  
ーA. H(Canada /International Senior )


My daughter had been struggling to get the double axel for more than 2 years.  After using SK8INSOLL her double axel quickly became clean. We used to use custom made insoles made at a skate shop where we usually buy her skating boots.  The skate shop took her feet print and molded from flat insoles, which I believed to be the best service because insoles were molded based on her feet shape.  However, my daughter stopped using the last pair of insoles after a few sessions because she claimed they felt too low and not supportive enough. She said when she can bend the ankles in the right position, she feels good for jump take offs, but it was difficult to control with the molded insole. The shop advised me to try pattern 99 instead of the gold seals, but it didn't solve the problem. After using SK8INSOLL she told me she feels good support in her feet.  By comparing SK8INSOLL and her other custom insoles, shapes are different and the height of the arch is different too. I think her feet are still growing, and her feet joints are very flexible. The foot shape of a small child is apparently easy to change. All she needs is enough support for her feet. I suspect it is very hard to get a proper foot print if the technician does not have education about child podiatry.  I will keep using insoles for her skating and regular life to prevent injuries. 

ーM.K.( Japan/Pre-Novice)


I have been competing in figure skating for over 10 years.  My legs gradually became bowed, which is not beautiful on the ice as well as in daily life with my school uniform. It really bothered me for a long time, so I started using SK8INSOLL to see if it helps. After using SK8INSOLL about 6 months, my bow legs started to improve noticeably, as well as my feet pronation. With SK8INSOLL double axel became easier and my triple jumps got much more stable. Now I am motivated to try senior tests which require clean triple jumps in the program.

ーR.S.( Japan/Junior)


After installing SK8INSOLL in her skates, my daughter's skating speed improved drastically, which made the coach and me surprised. Turns and steps are deeper and more controlled, and she started getting level 4 and +GOE on the step sequence. She has very typical Japanese flat feet and we thought it was genetic and could not be corrected. I wish she had used SK8INSOLL from an earlier age so that she could save a lot of time to get the double axel and triples and pass senior tests.   

ーK.T.( Japan / Senior )


I feel much more stable on the ice with SK8INSOLL.  Bracket and counter turns have always been very difficult but finally I could pass tests. Now having SK8INSOLL in my skates, I feel comfortable and safe to continue skating even now in my 70's.  I would like to continue skating as long as I can because I really enjoy it.  

ーD. H(Australia / Adult Skater)