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  • Skater's foot Problems

    This is the real skater’s experience we’ve got from our clients.
    After skaters starting 2A, many injury start for over 80% skaters. 

Foot Pain

I couldn't skate for more than 30 minutes continuously because of pain and numbness of the sole of the foot.  After I start using SK8INSOLL®️, numbness and pain went away, and I started participating for full days of summer camps and long hours of training on weekends and school days off. I increased not only training hours but also quality of training without pain and discomfort. 
(Austria/ National Junior Skater)


Bunions of the big toe bothered me for a long time since I was very young. After I started using SK8INSOLL®️, I could move toes freely. This made edges easier to control for my level 4 step sequence and triple jump take offs. I had been struggling to have 3+3 combination fully rotated in the program, but with SK8INSOLL®️ I could land it in the short program.  This helped increase my ranking in Worlds and Olympics.  
N. R.(Slovakia/ Senior World Olympic Skater)

Flat Feet

My son has been using Ryoko's insoles and taking foot alignment training since 6 years old.  She helped my son to make his routine of daily self-care to recover from skating training.  I strongly believed he needed to improve his knock-knees to continuously compete in figure skating at a high level. Postponing improving his flat feet will definitely make him injured as he gets older.  We have been using all recommended SK8INSOLL®️, shoe insoles, off-ice training shoes, school shoes and all foot treatment tools. When my son injured his knee, the sports doctor told me using proper insoles and shoes from a young age kept his knee injury from becoming a very serious issue.  Also, knock-knees and flat feet improved a lot after several years using SK8INSOLL®️.   
K.S.(Japan / Novice)


Since I was very young, my feet were always completely collapsed inside from malleolus, especially the right foot. It was very difficult to be on the outside edge, and I struggled to get the single axel because I have to be on the back outside edge and forward outside edge before take off.  Having SK8INSOLL®️ really helped me to get the axel easily. The outside edges when I take off and land started skating smoother and longer without losing speed because my feet don't collapse inside any more. 
(Italia / Local level competitor)

Bone Growth

My navicular bone and heel bones kept growing outside after I started skating, and started to be painful after double jump training began. To get rid of this pain, I tried several different brands and models of skate boots, custom made boots, different sizes, and asked the shop to punch out. Nothing solved the problem because on deeper outside edges or jump take-offs with speed, the boots put pressure on the bone and created a lot of pain. I met Ryoko in Oberstdorf with my coach's referral, and I started using SK8INSOLL®️. I have also been using foot care products.  I spend about 3 hours every day taking care of my body and practicing foot alignment training.  I have very little pain on my navicular and heel bone now. I have landed clean 2A this season in the program. Last season I got on the podium at Nationals and I am very happy about it. Thank you very much. I hope I can keep improving my skills and compete in senior next year.
(Holland / podium in National Junior Championship)

Knee, Hip & Back Pain

I am a synchro skater from Finland.  I had knee and back pain repeatedly for several seasons.  I discussed with the team physiotherapist and she recommended to use SK8INSOLL®️. First I was not sure how insoles would help my back pain, but after using SK8INSOLL®️ the balance of my muscles changed because my body weight is no longer too far on the back part of the blade. My feet became more stable, which made it easier to skate.  I didn't need to take any break for training and fully participate in all of my practice sessions all season because I haven’t had pain.  I am very happy I can go to the World Championships, and hope we can win! 
ーS.M.(Finland / Senior National)

Boots broken & Wrinkles outside of boots

My boots broke every 2 weeks after starting 3A, and I had to replace them all the time. It really cost a lot, but also it was a big problem because changing boots during competition season was very hard to get used to. I pronated severely standing on one foot, which created a boot crease or break around my ankle.  With SK8INSOLL, my boots don't break anymore and I used one pair of boots for one season.  I landed my 3A in competitions too. Gary taught me myofascial release of my legs and body. It all helped my boots not to break any more.  
N.T ( Swiss / Senior)

  • SK8INSOLL® ​Helps Performance

    Jump & Skating Skill

​Improve Under rotation ​Low Jump

My jump was always not high, and I got always >> or > ( under rotation ) in my score sheets.  When I jump off ice, I can jump high and I am physically strong so I was wondering why my jumps are so low.   Ryoko from SK8INSOLL analyzed my posture and foot alignment, and I found out my foot pronation caused to lose my hight of jumps.   After using SK8INSOLL,  with arch support, my feet arch don't fell inward, and I can use toes better to jump completely by using ankle joints and toes of my feet.  Now most of my double are clean and easier to get triples to try. 
​Y. I ( Japan / Pre-Novice )

Improve Skating Speed

Coaches always tell my daughter to skate faster. She is very active and she can run fast, Also, she plays hockey and she can skate really fast in hockey, but somehow in figure skating, she always skate very slow and her performance looks less energy in competition.   Ryoko and Gary evaluated my daughter's feet and I found she has high arch feet to makes her very difficult to be stable because her feet doesn't touch her boots completely.  I never thought she needs insoles because I thought she has good arch on her feet.    Yes she has a good arch but it was too high and it makes her one foot skating very unstable.   When she is on two feet, she can skate fast, but one foot skating was very wobbly.  After SK8INSOLL, now she can skate faster.   We heated SK8insole and molded at skate shop to fit for her high arch.  She also use extra support under the SK8INSOLL to make her arch a bit higher.   However, this  made her skate very easier and got all double jumps in 2 months.  I cannot believe why we didn't think about insole for skate.  I am glad Ryoko & Gary came to my ice rink for seminar and we found it  out solution for her!
- W.C ( Canada / Juvenile )

Get Deeper Edge

My skating skill has been always problem not to get higher points in competitions.  Jumps and spins are okay, but I could not get higher skating skills.   Gary evaluated my feet and skating skills, and found that I was not bending enough ankle to hold deeper edge, and compensating with my hip ( pelvis forward and bum stick out) position.   Coaches told me not to stick my bum out but I didn't know how to fix it.  My dorsi flexions ( bend ankle) was very limited because my posteior tibia muscle was very tight.   My mom started to massage my posterior tibia and also I rolled my feet which Gary told me what to do.  After several months with SK8INSOLL and releasing feet muscles, my ankle get more range of motion and it became easier to bend ankle.  My posture getting better position because I don't need compensate with my pelvis for my ankle bend in deep edge.  Brackets, counters and rockers got easier and I could get Level 4 in my step sequence.  
- A.C.  ( Germany / Senior)