Size Guide
Label EDEA/ Resport Size
1 3S 195 190 185 180 175
2 XXS 210 205 200
3 XS 225 220 215
4 S 240 235 230
5 M 255 250 245
6 L 270 265 260
Size (cm)

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Type: Insole


ONLY ONE figure skating foot support insoles in the World!

Very different from Ski & Hockey brand insoles.

Olympic figure skater designed it and use it everyday.  Our company owner and insole manufacture are also figure skaters!


* Stop Pronation (foot collapse-inside) to make foot to be straight on the blade

* Good tool for Skating Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Hip and Groin Pains 

* Jump become higher and increase Speed since you can stand up on blade vertical with SK8INSOLL®

* Toe-Knee-Pelvis Foot Alignmet Improve from knocked knee / bow-legs

* 3 arches support ( Inside arch / Outside arch / Metatarsal arch) especially designed for figure skating ( you can not see this structure in hockey and ski insoles) 

* Materials and structure of insoles are the best design for figure skating movement.

* Tested over 3000 materials and combinations of materials enough support, but not to interfere skating movement, and enough endurance for 1 seasons for skaters who skates 5 times per week and practice single and one or two double jumps between 20 - 50 kg of body weight.

*You can add some additional parts bottom of the insoles.  


  • Material: 2
  • layers: EVA, Resin
  • Size and Thickness: Same size as Edea and Risport Original Insole, and less than 3mm
  • Product Weight: 60g - 100g depend on the size (M size is 79g)

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