We are the only company specialized in figure skating insole design and production. Skating insoles prevent injuries and improve performance by correcting your foot alignment in your boots. To optimize your figure skating training, good foot alignment is very important, especially for the current figure skating generation who wants to challenge themselves to do triple axels and quads in the future. Much foot pain, discomfort, imbalance, and injuries will be improved and/or prevented by using proper figure skating insoles.Off-ice insoles and general insoles are also available. 


For Skating

For Daily Shoes

  • SPORTS SHOES SK8INSOLL® ( Daily / Sports / Kids)

    Daily shoes, sports and kids insoles. This is something you want to try when you are new for insoles to prevent injuries and for a young child who wants to be a high performance athlete in the future.

  • SPORTS SHOES SK8INSOLL® Customize Insoles

    Off ice training shoes, school shoes, fittness shoes, daily shoes insoles. You can apply custmized parts based on your foot types and also for your personal needs. Design Patent and international patent apply to this product.

  • SPORTS SHOES SK8INSOLL® 3D Foot Print Box Customize Insoles

    We will send you 3D Foot Print Box to measure your foot. Now we can make complete custom insoles by online order internationally.

  • SPORTS SHOES SK8INSOLL® A.I. Analysis Customized Insoles

    A.I. Gait and Posture analysis result will be applied to design your daily and training shoe insoles. This service is available only in Tokyo, Oberstdorf and Figure Skating Boutique Toronto

  • SPORTS SHOES SK8INSOLL®Podiatrist FlexInFit Skating Analysis Customized Insoles

    Foot Dr. will analyze your gait and foot pressure map, and we design your insoles to perform your best. This service is available only in Tokyo.