Inline Figure Skate

Easy to start to inline SKATE rather than figure skate since you can skate at park, driveway, and even in your living room! There are many figure skating elements you can practice without paying ice fee and driving to ice rink. Since there are many similarities between ice skating and inline figure skating, some skaters compete both ice and inline figure. Since inline figure skating is very new, it is easier to compete nationally and internationally. In Japan, only Tokyo Canadian SK8 Club coaches can teach up to international competitive levels for now.


  • Beginner Inline Skates

    Start with this economical inline figure skate boots and frames set which allow you to practice skating, turns, steps, jumps, and even spins. If you would like to start today this is a good collection to buy.

  • Professional Inline Skates

    Experienced figure skaters who need good foot support should buy these professional inline figure skate sets. You can do double and triple jumps with these skates.

  • Flame Set

    From decades of tailored experience, Roll-Line® is proud to introduce a brand-new innovative plate. Forged by the great skill of our engineers, the new plate “LINEA” is designed to offer the best performance to all the in-line figure skating practitioners.

  • Wheels, bearing and accessaries

    Wheels, bearings, toe pick, and other related accessories.