Foot Care Products

Figure Skater foot care and body conditioning products used at SK8INSOLL physio team. For skaters' rehabilitaion, foot pain and injury management, as well as posture and body maintenace, these products are used by skaters for conditioning.


  • Feetness Set

    This product is a set of myofascia release Fish, Twoball, and 20 ml of foot massage oil used in FEETNESS. Enrich your daily foot care.

  • Foot Massage Ball & Roller

    Skaters should use these items before and after practice every day to maintain foot, leg, and back muscles.

  • Myofascia Release

    Especially for your foot, ankle, knee, and back, you need to use myofascia release to soften your myofascia and increase range of motion. It is more effective before you roll or stretch.

  • Massage Oil

    Australian Sports Massage 100% natural oil. It is used as anti-inflamitory, antibiotic, pain relief and muscle softening. Maintain your body while you sleep to be in good condition for practice next morning.

  • EMS & Ultrasound

    Made in Japan reliable injury management and body conditioning Electronic Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound therapy machines.

  • Taping Tape

    Tapes for figure skaters' feet, knees, and back.