Tokyo Cyber Skating Club

Tokyo Cyber Skating Club is established to provide oppotunities to start inline figure and ice skating like in Canada. This is webinar based SK8 club where we connect classes online. However we have olympic level coaches, and skaters as our instructors to provide highest quality technical lessons from beginner inline figure and ice skaters so that they can work toward becoming Olympic skaters in figure skating and international competitiors in inline figure skating or both. Not only do we provide a program for skaters to become competitive, but we have pro skaters stream which includes collaboration with Japanese Taiko drum band Hibiki, 7 ladies saxphone group Lady Honkerz, Balbir Singh Dance Campany, and CIOFF Unesco approved folk dance internatinal cultural organization. We have a policy to provide a respectful environment for children and members followed by Unesco child rights chapters. Since we have coaches who taught olympic champions and national champions of many countries, our instructions will be useful for current competitive figure skaters as well.


  • Webinar

    Tokyo Cyber Skating Club Webinars booking. This is the main activities you can join per session or monthly.

  • Online Lesson

    Online private and group skating lessons you can take with either your inline figure skates or ice skates.

  • TCSC Trial Membership 2000 yen

    This is the trial membership fee for the Tokyo Cyber Skating Club.

  • TCSC Monthly Membership 3000 yen

    This is the monthly membership fee for the Tokyo Cyber Skating Club. If you are attending only on Tuesdays, please pay here.

  • TCSC Monthly Membership 5000 yen

    This is the monthly membership fee for the Tokyo Cyber Skating Club. Click here for people who will participate on Mondays and Tuesdays.