Our Team


  • SK8INSOLL®︎ Mission

  • SK8INSOLL® leads injury prevention & Sports Biomechanics in figure skating
  • SK8INSOLL® provide the best insoles for skating!


  • SK8INSOLL®︎ Visions

  • Let’s create ONE million of success stories for Figure Skaters with SK8INSOLL® !
  • Achieve over 50% of skaters to use insoles in the world.


  • Strategy

  • Intellectual Property building : which means we invest for new discovery & new technology to become a skate insoles, insoles and sports biomechanics products and services.
  • Scientific and evidence based service & products development : Obtain datas for both Insole & skating movement (products & users)
  • Our staff must use our products to improve their performance and keep competing figure skating.
  • Continuously introduce new technology, medicine, and sports biomechanics in this figure skating world.


Ryoko Natori ( SK8INSOLL. Co. CEO Japanese Figure Skater )

Ryoko suffered herniated disks in her back which ended her figure
skating career. Then she studied Sports Medicine in the U.S. to provide injury prevention methods for figure skaters. Now she competes in International Adult Figure Skating Competition in Germany and Canada and performs at ice shows and competitions all over the world. Ryoko will visit your ice rink and provide Skater’s foot solutions ( Foot Evaluation, SK8INSOLL, Foot & Posture Training ) and also coordinate ON-ICE Foot Alignment Training with Gary Beacom.

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Gary Beacom ( Canadian Figure Skating 1984 Olympian )

Gary is not only Olympic Figure Skater, but he is legend figure skater in skating history. He has been training figure skating more than 50 years, still competing and performing skating internationally. His main job is to hold Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminars all over the world, and also Private Skating Camp in Germany, Toronto, and Tokyo. His expertise is to analyze foot alignment on the ice, and educate figure skaters how to get over with specific jump, spins and skating skill problem by applying correct foot positions and alignment.

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