SK8INSOLL and Shoes Insoles

How do I find size of the insoles for skates?

Our skating insole size display is based on Risport & Edea sizes in cm. If you use Jackson, Riedell or another brand of skate boots, please check the size converter here.

How do I choose the size of the insoles for shoes?

Our shoe insole size display is based on French sizes. Please check the size chart very carefully.

How do I replace SK8INSOLL from original shoes insoles?

On the side of the delivered SK8INSOLL package box is an explanation of how to mark and cut SK8INSOLLs to fit inside skates.
Here is the image of the package showing directions for cutting and adjusting Sk8INSOLLs for your skates.

How often do I have to replace SK8INSOLLs?

It depends on how many hours you practice, and what you practice on ice.
Usually competitive figure skaters change SK8INSOLLs and off-ice training shoe insoles every season or every time they get new skates.
Adult and hobby skaters need not change so often, and also shoe insoles may last longer if you don't use them for exercise and sports.

If I feel discomfort and pain by using insoles what should I do?

SK8INSOLL is for supporting your feet and navigating your feet to keep the shape they are supposed to be.
When you start to use SK8INSOLLs, you may feel some pain and discomfort.
If you are a higher level or older skater or an athlete in other sports, you may feel tension or discomfort.
We recommend that you roll your feet with our roller or massage with our Bio Massage Cream and Myofascial Release tool.
If it is too difficult to use in your skates because of discomfort and pain, maybe you can start to use in your shoes first to get used to the feeling.
After several weeks, you can try to use SK8INSOLLs in your skates.
Not all skaters will be ready to skate with SK8INSOLLs immediately because some people need time to get used to this support of the mid-arch.

Do I have to use SK8INSOLLs for the rest of my life?

Absolutely not, but after wearing SK8INSOLLs, many people feel uncomfortable without.
SK8INSOLLs are not medical treatment insoles, but rather support insoles to increase performance and alleviate pain in skating. As you challenge with more difficult jumps and techniques, you may need better support with custom made insoles by visiting our dealers in the world or our SK8INSOLL office or seminars.

My docotor (physio or dance teacher) said don't use insoles but build feet muscles by exercise. What should I do?

Sports insoles have been developed primarily in the last 20 years mainly in Europe and the U.S. When we go around the world for our seminars and events, we meet clients who were told by doctors, physios, and dance teachers (mostly in Asia or countries that are behind in sports insole understanding), not to use insoles but just fix feet problems only by exercise. SK8INSOLLs can be compared to a supporter for your knee or ankle. The supporter won't interrupt your growth or muscle development as long as you use that part of body and muscles correctly. We have been developing SK8INSOLLs based on the scientific research and major sports insole theories in Europe and North America, and we are convinced this tool only benefits skaters without interfering with a skater's feet growth or performance. However it is your decision what scientific theory and research you accept.

I have medical orthotics for my skates and they hurt. Are SK8INSOLLs different from medical orthotics?

SK8INSOLLs are only a sports performance assisting tool--not medical orthotics.
To support feet with insoles, we choose materials and structures that are the best for figure skating.
Medical insoles and even most shoe insoles have different structures and materials and are not ideal for skating.
As you can see from our R & D page, we have been testing insoles and skaters both with and without insoles to select the best for skaters.
If you need to have fully tailor made insoles, please visit SK8INSOLL in Tokyo or Oberstdorf.
We can make SK8INSOLL Triple Axel which are completely tailor made insoles for each skater's physical and performance needs. Please check our website for SK8INSOLL Triple Axel line up.

What is wrong with Sidas or Superfeet? What is the advantage of SK8INSOLL?

A patent is pending for our figure skating insoles as distinguished from shoe and sports insoles because skating boots are high-heeled, there is no heel strike in most skating, toes don’t bend, and we balance mostly on one foot at a time.
Please read our R & D page. We have been testing insoles and skaters with and without insoles to choose the best for skaters.

Shoes and Skate Boots

Why we should buy shoes from you?

We choose only functional shoes for skaters and athletes. We consider the aspect of good foot development for growing children.
Everywhere we go in the world to make insoles for figure skaters, we see much room for improvement in footwear, even in world championship level competition. Figure skaters are more concerned with fashion than function.
It is good for your young growing child to use proper shoes if you want to make insoles work effectively.

How to choose shoes size?

Please carefully see the chart and check the size. Using insoles inside of shoes, your feet tend to shorten with arch support and you may be able to use one size smaller.
For a specific shoe-fitting consultation, please meet us at our seminars or SK8INSOLL shops in Tokyo and Oberstdorf.

Which is better to buy velcro shoes or lace shoes?

If your child cannot tighten laces properly each time he/she puts shoes on, maybe velcro shoes might be better than lace shoes.
Lace shoes tend to hold feet more anatomically and can tighten better to support feet.

Where and how can we get the proper shoes fitting?

It is very difficult to define the best shoes fitting. We cannot describe briefly the right shoe fitting because different shoes have different structures and materials.
Also, everybody has differently shaped feet. If you want us to provide our opinion about how to fit shoes or skating boots, please make a foot analysis appointment to meet in person.

Ordering & Purchasing

Will I be refunded for shipping charges?

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse for shipping fees like expedited shipping added to your original order.

Why am I being charged again for my exchange?

In order to process your exchange quickly, we'll charge the price of your new item as soon as it ships, but then refund you for your original item once we receive your return shipment. It's easy!

Do you offer volume discounts?

Sorry, we do not offer volume discounts direct to the public. For quantity pricing, please contact SK8INSOLL. Co.


How can I track my shipment?

When your ordered product leaves from the logistic center, we will send a notification email to you with the tracking code.

When will my 'In Stock' order be dispatched?

We stock our products at our logistic center in Tokyo. If your item is In stock, we can usually ship on the same day for orders placed before 1pm, and the next day for orders placed after 1pm. Our aim is to get your order on board with the courier within two business days of purchase.

Due to the flexibility of our factory processes and the stocking of partially manufactured components, we're able to offer these turnaround times for assembled products, too.

If you're trying to estimate when a package will be delivered, please note the following:
・Credit card authorization and verification must be received prior to processing
・We are closed on weekends and Japanese public holidays
・Our shipping provider does not deliver on weekends and public holidays

What shipping provider do you use?

we use International e-packet from Japan Post Service.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout, based on the dimensions and weight of your shipment, and the shipping address. To find out how much shipping will cost, please add the desired products to your cart and complete the checkout process.

Can I purchase from outside Japan?

Yes, absolutely! We can ship anywhere in the world Japan Post has delivery service. Please check this website for detailed information.

Can I change my delivery address?

Your delivery information is sent to the logistic center immediately after your payment is processed, so it's difficult to change this after your order has been placed. Please enter your address details carefully!

Quality & Warranty

Do you sell quality products?

Our SK8INSOLLs are designed and manufactured in Japan, and some of our exercise products are made in China according to rigorous quality standards. We are an established company and our insoles have been field tested for more than 10 years, and our exercise products have been field tested for more than 5 years.

What is the warranty period?

We guarantee all of our products for a period of 6 months from the date of shipment, provided that the product does not show signs of abuse and has not been used incorrectly.

Can I get a refund for my shipping costs?

We will refund your shipping costs if the product was received due to an error on our part. For change-of-mind returns, and any other return reason that is not due to an error on our part, we do not refund shipping charges.

Which products can be returned?

Any item purchased on our website is eligible for return, provided it is in new condition as detailed in our Returns Policy. We may not be able to accept returns after products package (insole box and other products individual wrapping).