Foot Alignment Seminar & Injury Prevention Seminar

Where it is happening?
  • Meet us at competition booth : check which competition we will be there
  • Meet us at your local skate shops : when shop invite SK8INSOLL®️ at your local skate shop. Check our schedule.
  • Meet us at your local skate shops : when shop invite SK8INSOLL®️ at their shop
  • invite us to visit your club as joint program with Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminar (
  • We provide foot alignment training information by E-leraning
What we discuss in seminar?
SK8INSOLL®️ Skate Injury and Sports Biomechanics seminar – off ice
  1. What is the most common skater's foot issues and also injury?
  2. Why you need to prevent injury in skating from early age?
  3. What is the good foot alignment, and how to check it?
  4. What SK8INSOLL®️ can do for you?
  5. SK8INSOLL®️ feature and difference between SK8INSOLL®️ ready-made insole and custom-made insoles.
Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminar – on ice
  1. Basic foot alignment and balance
  2. The importance of whole foot usage in skating
  3. Basis of skating movements – lean, how to make this position with good leg alignment
  4. How you can gain speed and jump higher
We provide individual appointment of
  • AI gait & posture analysis, Foot alignment evaluation
  • Ready-made insole fitting
  • Custom-made insole making
  • Teach figure skating self-care and Myofascial release
  • Foot alignment training for skaters on ice and off ice depend on their needs
  • shoes fitting
  • skate sharpening check
  • boots size and condition evaluations

Foot Analysis

  1. Currently we do A.I. Gait and posture analysis off ice to provide information if you need insoles for daily shoes and skates and what and how you need to work to improve muscle balance.
  2. Skate Boots consultations : current boots conditions, size, and how it fit to your feet now. We won't suggest specific boots brand and size best fit for you because it should be decided after testing several different boots bland and sizes at skate shop.
  3. Skate Sharpening consultations : current skate sharpening conditions and advice from Gary

Custom Insoles

1) SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel – Heat molding pre- mold semi custom Insoles

SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel is 4 layers insoles and it is stronger than SK8INSOLL®️ Axel ( 2 layers).
SK8INSOLL®️ provide pre-molded heat molding insoles to local skates shops or by special order through online shop. You can mold insoles with heat and change hight of the arch and adjust SK8INSOLL®️ the best comfort without losing support. This method doesn't require much skills to mold insoles for your feet by skate shop owners, coaches or even parents rather than molding insoles from completely flat. Skate require extra hight for arch because skates is high heel. We don't recommend you to go to make custom insoles from flat materials or also full molded insoles by taking data of the feet by measuring or 3D scans for the purpose of two feet stand up position ( for shoes, running shoes and ski insole measurement). You need to have extra hight of your feet in skating since skate boots is in high heel positions.
This service is available directly with SK8INSOLL®️ shop in Tokyo & Oberstdorf, or SK8INSOLL®️ event booth in the world.

Also SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel is available at several skates shops in the world which has some of their staff completed training – If any coach or skate shop want to take training to be certified SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel fitter or dealer, please contact to us.
If you organize more than 10 skaters who wants to buy custom insoles with us, we can organize visit to make SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel at your club. Please contact to us.

2) SK8INSOLL®️ Triple Axel – Tayler made insole we chose materials and parts based on what you want to do in skating performance and also difference scenes of your life including skating boots, school shoes, running shoes, ski boots, etc... .

Depend on body weight, speed, strength of the body, we chose materials and provide taylor made insoles for each skater. Also we can make different insoles for one person but depend on the scene of use insoles in your daily life situations. We change materials and parts to adjust for sports specific movement or foot usage in different activities.
This service is currently only available in Tokyo and Oberstdorf.

If you want to know more about Foot Analysis, SK8INSOLL®️ Double Axel and Triple Axel, please check websites.


May UK
  Oberstdorf, Germany
  ISU Adult Competitoin, Oberstdorf, Germany
June Oberstdorf, Germany
July Tokyo, Japan
  Oberstdorf, Germany
August Italy
  Oberstdorf, Germany
September Paris, France
  Helsinki, Finland
  Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany
October ISU Adult Competion, Lake Placid, NY, USA
  Westside Skate and Stick, NJ, USA
  Figure Skating Boutique, Toronto, ON, Canada
November Nagoya, Japan
  Osaka, Japan
  Shiga, Japan
  Sendai, Japan
  Hong Kong
  Shenzen, China
  Beijing, China
December Tokyo, Japan